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Mission-Philosophy-Goals of ALHS Online

ALHS Online (ALHSO) is an online service provider. ALHSO's primary purpose is to offer online courses that WELS/ELS schools can use to expand their curricular offerings to their students. The majority of students enrolled in ALHSO courses are full-time students at WELS/ELS schools from which they will receive their high school diplomas. ALHSO has a small number of students that are in other non-public schools, home schools, or even public schools.

Mission of ALHS OnlineALHSO Logo

Develop and offer online courses taught from a scriptural perspective which empower WELS/ELS schools to better serve their students through expanded curricular offerings.

Philosophy of ALHS Online

The purpose of ALHS Online (ALHSO) is to support, not supplant, current WELS/ELS schools. Through ALHSO, WELS/ELS schools can share quality online courses and qualified instructors, thus strengthening each school’s individual program of instruction and curriculum. Public and home school students can also enroll in courses to supplement their education.

Goals of ALHS Online

The ALHS Online strives to
  1. Maintain a partnership with WELS/ELS schools to offer quality online high school courses taught from a scriptural perspective.
  2. Develop a curriculum which meets the needs of WELS/ELS schools and their students.
  3. Assemble a cadre of WELS/ELS teachers qualified to teach online courses.
  4. Offer a series of religion courses for WELS/ELS students enrolled in public or home schools.
  5. Develop a cost-effective and self-sustaining high quality program.
  6. Foster continuous improvement through stakeholder input and feedback.

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